Turmeric Price in Erode – March 3, 2024

This article will help you to get latest price of Turmeric in Erode. Turmeric has multiple variety like Finger and Bulb.If you are having Turmeric in your land then this the best time to sale it because after 6 years the price of 100kg Turmeric Bag is increased to 13k which is never expected by farmers and sellers. Sell Your Turmeric Now at Erode Today

If you are not knowing what is the price of Turmeric in Erode then we are here to provide you the wholesale rate of Small Turmeric and Big Turmeric in Erode. During Covid Time Turmeric is most used Grocery in Food like drinking Turmeric Milk and also taking Hot Turmeric Bath etc.,

Its been 10 years last time Turmeric in Erode is sold it for Rs.15000 Now, In 2024, the price of Turmeric will be sold above 16k also this is because due to less production in India by farmers. (due to lack of Labour cost, Fertilizer Product Cost.)

Turmeric Price in Erode is decided by Mandi Owners and dealers who is purchasing Turmeric from Mandi owners, here farmers cant sell their product directly to buyers. so Mandi plays a role like mediator.

Turmeric Rate in Erode – March 3, 2024

Today’s Turmeric Price in Erode Per Quintal (1 Qunital = 100kg Bag)
Erode Finger Rs. 13100 – 13300
Erode bulb Rs. 12600 – 12800
Salem Finger Rs. 15300 -15500
Mini Salem Finger Rs. 13600 -13800
Salem bulb Rs. 13000 – 13200
8 No Finger Rs. 10400 – 10600
8 No bulb Rs. 9000 – 9200

New Turmeric Price in Erode


During Saturday, Sunday and Government Holidays Erode Mandi Will be Closed. So Kindly Call Before Coming to This Place

Turmeric (Botanical name is Curcuma longa) is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial flowering plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It is native to Southwest India with its rhizomes being the source of a bright yellow spice and dye. These rhizomes are used in parts of Africa and Asia as a cosmetic for the skin, used for food, medicine, paints etc.,

Turmeric Rate in Erode and Salem Mandi

Check Today’s Manjal Market Rates Here. We will update with the latest rates of turmeric product as per Erode Mandi. Manjal Vaniga Valagam is located in Erode District it is also called as Biggest Turmeric Mandi in South India. 100’s of Farmers will come daily to sell their turmeric and for that dealers or buyers from various states comes here to buy the product. Price of Turmeric is based on quality only some variety will go for more than 9k and some variety will be sold only for 6k because of worst quality. Government Should Consider to Increase Rates of Turmeric atleast to 14k to 16k. So that Farmers will feel happy for it.
Profits Earned in Cultivating Turmeric in 1 Acre Land
➩ Yield Time – 10 Months
➩ Investment Amount – Seed, Labours Cost, Harvesting Cost etc., Rs. 50,000
➩ How much Turmeric You Have Now – 1.3 Ton
➩ 2 Ton Sold for Rs.84500 (65.Rs Per KG)
➩ Profit for Farmers = 84500 – 50000 = Rs.34500
If Farmers Earn 34500 in a year how they can survive a life for 12 months. So Government Should Consider for Increasing Rates upto 14 to 16k Or else in Next 5 Years the Farmers will Stop Cultivating Turmeric So Daily Users will Buy it for Rs.1000 for kg soon.

” Save Farmers, Obey Farmers”

Check ஈரோடு இன்றைய மஞ்சள் விலை நிலவரம்


Turmeric Rate in Erode Today to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness.

Frequently Asked Questions on Turmeric Price in Erode

Today’s Finger Variety Turmeric Price in Erode?

As per Today’s Market Sale Turmeric Price in Erode sold in the range of Rs.13100 – 13300 per Quintal.

Today’s Bulb Variety Turmeric Price in Erode?

Bulb Variety of Turmeric Sold at Erode Today at Price Range of Rs.12600 – 12800

What is the market price of 1kg Turmeric in Erode today?

The market price of 1kg Turmeric in Erode today Rs.131.

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    1. Price may vary on quality approximate price is – Rs.2500 per 100kg (Raw Turmeric)
      Unpolished Turmeric Price may start from Rs.13000 per 100kg

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