Instant Geyser Price in Salem [Swot Associates]

If you are looking to buy instant water geyser at cheap price in Salem then dont worry we are here to help you with best product to buy it now. Swot Associates is the No.1 Dealer in India that Sells Sun Instant Water Geyser which can be used on daily basis. There is no limit in heating water because it is completely instant whenever you switched on geyser will give you hot water so you can take 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 15 litre, 20 litre, 25 litre, 30 litre, 40 litre, 50 litre, 75 litre, and also 100 litre in one time Turn-On.

Almost 100 brands are there in this section but no one is giving 7 years of warranty for their selling product and free service, Only Swot Associates is providing that benefits which is very useful for house hold.

Top Brands sells Geyser minimum at 8k to maximum 20k but SWOT Associates Sells Sun Instant Geyser for just Rs.2200 and Rs.2800 (2 models) across india. So dont wait call now and order the Best Instant geyser in Salem.

Sun Instant Geyser Price in Salem

Instant Water Heater Price in Salem – [Sun Brand]
Sun VX Instant Geyser Rs.2780 – Call Now and Get Offer Price
Sun SS Instant Geyser Rs.2180 – Call Now and Get Offer Price


You can order by calling now to 8754244404 and get product with best courier service provider like ST Courier, Professional Courier etc at your door step.(Its completely free delivery charge for South India Order)

Features of Sun Instant Geyser

There are 2 product in Sun Instant Geyser one is Sun VX and another is Sun SS, check below for its top features

  • Instant Hot Water
  • Capacity Limit – Unlimited
  • Can be Fixed Directly to TAP
  • It can heat upto 125°C
  • 100% Shock Proof
  • Auto Cutoff Facility
  • Less Electricity
  • Salt Water also can be Used

Advantages of Sun Instant Geyser

Check the table below for adavantages of buying Sun Instant Geyser by SWOT Associates

Sun Brand Instant Geyser Other Brand Instant Geyser
1 Bucket of Hot Water in 5 – 8 minutes It will take 15 to 30 minutes for other geyser
45paise to 60 paise per bucket of hot water 1 rupee to 1.90 rupees for other brand
Cost of Geyser is very less Cost of Geyser is Very High
7 Years of Warranty Maximum 3 years of Warranty
Sun Instant Geyser

Steps to Install Sun Instant Geyser

It is designed as simple way to install by own without any electrican or plumper help. Just follow the below steps to Install SUN Instant Geyser by SWOT Associates.

  1. Open the Box It will have Main Unit with 15amp Wire Cable and Water Connection Pipe from Tap to Unit
  2. Have a setup of 15amp Switch Box and Normal Water Tap
  3. Hang the Main Unit in Screw which is drilled in Wall (It is less than 2kg only)
  4. Now Connect Your Cable with Switch Box
  5. Insert the Pipe between Main Unit and Tap
  6. All done now you can use your Geyser for hot water
Sun Instant Geyser

Steps to Use Sun Instant Geyser

It is easy to use by anyone in home make sure you follow below step by step method to use Instant Geyser

  • Turn On Water TAP – Let water flow for 15 seconds
  • Now Turn on Main Switch
  • You will get Hot Water Now
Sun Instant Geyser

Delivery Information

Swot Associates delivers Sun Instant Geyser for free for complete south india and with delivery for north india.

Watch Demo Video of Sun Instant Geyser by Swot Associates

Manufacturing Unit of Swot Associates

You can check offical Website of Swot Associates here

SWOT Associates is located in 2 places in tamilnadu namely Erode and Salem.

Erode Shop

Salem Shop

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Sun Instant Water Heater Price in Erode by Swot Associates

SS Model Rs.2180
VX Model Rs.2780

Frequently Asked Questions on Instant Geyser Price in Salem

What is the price of sun instant electric water geyser in Salem today?

It cost around Rs.2200 to Rs.2800 (based on models)

What is delivery charge of Sun Instant Geyser in Salem today?

Its Completely Free. No need to pay delivery charge for buying Sun Instant Geyser from Swot Associates.

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