Urea Price in Tamil Nadu

If you are Purchasing Urea for Fertilizer Work then we are here to provide you the details of IFFCO Urea, IPL Urea, Kisan Urea and Nano Urea Liquid Price in Tamil Nadu. The liver produces the nitrogenous compound urea. It is also known as carbamide or ureophil, and its chemical formula is CH4N2O. The final product of protein metabolism is this compound. It is a waste product that does not serve any physiological purpose. It dissolves in blood and is excreted in the urine by the kidney. A carbonyl functional group links two NH2 groups in this organic compound. Urea is non-toxic and dissolves in water. It has no smell and no color. It is frequently utilized in fertilizers and is widely used as an important raw material in industries.

Get the Pirce of Urea in Tamil Nadu from the below table.

Urea Price in Tamil Nadu –

Urea Khad Price Today in Tamil Nadu
Urea Brand Price
IFFCO 50kg Rs.275
SPIC 50kg Rs.275
Nano Urea [Liquid] 500ml Rs.225
Kisan Rs.260
IPL 45kg Rs.265

Uses of Urea

The diamide of carbonic acid, Urea, is also called carbamide. The chemical formula of this emulsion is H2NCONH2. Urea has essential uses as a supplement to toxin and feed, as well as starting material for plastics and drugs manufacturing.


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