Egg Rate in Hyderabad Today [LIVE]

We all Know How Much Egg Benefits for Health especially when it comes to non-veg food egg is 1st choice because it is cheaper to buy and you eat with boiled, omelette, off-boil and egg gravy. If you are living in Hyderabad and looking for today’s egg rate near your home then check the below table.

Today Egg Rate Hyderabad – 3rd March, 2024 | Ande ka rate Hyderabad

Egg Price in Hyderabad Today
Retail Egg Rate for One(రిటైల్ గుడ్డు రేటు) 1 Piece Rs. 5.20
Dozen Egg Price (డజను గుడ్డు ధర) 12 Piece Rs. 62.40

Last 16 Months Egg Price in Hyderabad

Check the below table for last 16 months egg rate in Hyderabad city.

Month Avg.Price
February 2024 Rs.5.29
January 2024 Rs.5.59
December Rs.5.59
November Rs.5.26
October Rs.5.09
September Rs.4.81
August Rs.4.24
July Rs.4.43
June Rs.5.17
May Rs.4.50
April Rs.3.82
March Rs.4.11
February Rs.3.94
January Rs.5.27


Egg Rate in Hyderabad Today to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness. Kindly note that, Egg rates may vary marginally from one place to another across the states and districts. Also may vary from from Egg Mandi dealers to Whole Sale shop, and whole sale to Retail shops in Hyderabad.

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What is the Today’s Egg Rate in Hyderabad?

Today’s Egg Rate in Hyderabad is Rs. 5.20

What is the Price of Dozen Egg in Hyderabad Today?

Cost of Dozen Egg in Hyderabad is Rs. 156

What is the Price of Single Egg in Hyderabad Today?

Cost of Single Egg in Hyderabad is Rs. 5.20