Egg Price in Barwala – May 24, 2024

According to the most recent report, the price of an egg in Barwala has dropped to Rs. 3.92 per piece today. Nonetheless, this is not the city’s highest egg price in the previous 12 months. For the past three months, egg costs have increased across the city. The cost of chicken feed has increased, which is why egg prices have gone up. In the most recent few months, the price of chicken feed has increased by 10%. As a result, eggs are now more expensive in Barwala.

Check Today’s Egg Rate in Barwala below with complete details.

As per the latest market rates, the egg price is Rs 3.92 per Piece in Barwala. Whereas the egg price is Rs.392 per 100 Pieces and Rs 47.04 for 12 Pieces in Barwala.

Barwala Egg Price Today –

Egg Rate Today in Barwala Market
Chicken Egg (murgee ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 4.57
Country Chicken Egg (deshee chikan anda) 1 Piece Rs. 15
Emu Bird Egg (emu pakshee anda) 1 Piece Rs. 20.00
Quail Egg (bater ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 8.00
Duck Egg (battakh ka anda) 1 Piece Rs. 12.00
Turkey Egg (turkee anda) 1 Piece Rs. 14.00

last 12 Months Price of Eggs in Barwala

Check the Egg rate of Barwala for last 12 months below.

  • April 2024 – Rs.3.71
  • March 2024 – Rs.4.98
  • February 2024 – Rs.5.02
  • January 2024 – Rs.6.00
  • December 2023 – Rs.5.84
  • November 2023 – Rs.5.60
  • October 2023 – Rs.5.10
  • September 2023 – Rs.4.50
  • August 2023 – Rs.4.31
  • July 2023 – Rs.3.92
  • June 2023 – Rs.4.61
  • May 2023 – Rs.4.50
  • April 2023 – Rs.3.83
  • March 2023 – Rs.3.97
  • February 2023 – Rs.3.94
  • January 2023 – Rs.5.26
  • December 2022 – Rs.5.37
  • November 2022 – Rs.5.20
  • October 2022 – Rs.4.43


Egg Rate in Barwala Today to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded – Thanks to “NATIONAL EGG CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE” for the Source of Egg Rates in Barwala

Egg Shops in Barwala

Check the top 5 shop where you can get eggs in wholesale price or retail price in barwala today

  1. Deepak Egg Store
  2. Paper Egg tray
  4. Raju Egg Shop
  5. Raj Kumar Egg Store
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FAQs on Barwala Egg Rate Today?

What is the Today’s Egg Rate in Barwala?

Egg Rate in Barwala Today is Rs. 4.57

What is the Price of Single Egg in Barwala Today?

Cost of Single Egg in Barwala is Rs. 4.57

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