If you are Egg Lover, then if you are not knowing the Latest Price of Egg in Srungavarapukota Area then we are here to Provide the Egg Rate in Srungavarapukota. Check the below table for the Price of Egg in Srungavarapukota.

Egg Rate in Srungavarapukota

Egg Rate Today in Srungavarapukota Market –
Broiler Chicken Egg 1 Piece Rs. 4.75
Country Chicken Egg 1 Piece Rs. 10
Emu Bird Egg 1 Piece Rs. 20.00
Quail Egg 1 Piece Rs. 8.00
Duck Egg 1 Piece Rs. 12.00


Egg Rate in Srungavarapukota Today to be obtained from sources believed to be well-founded, but we do not guarantee their correctness. Kindly note that, Egg rates may vary marginally from one place to another across the states and districts. Also may vary from from Egg Mandi dealers to Whole Sale shop, and whole sale Shops to Retail shops in Srungavarapukota.

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Cost of 30 Eggs in Srungavarapukota

Cost of Egg (Wholesale Rate)
Egg Rate Today
Number of Eggs

Above Online Calculator will help you get the Price of Eggs You Bought in Store.

Steps to Use Calculator to Get 30 Egg Price

  1. Enter the Price of 1 Egg in Your Area in the 1st Box
  2. Enter the Number of Eggs You have Purchaseda in the 2nd Box
  3. Click “Calculate” Button to Get the Price of Eggs you Bought
  4. Price of Eggs will be Displayed in 3rd Box
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