Banana Tree Price Today in Vellore

If you are looking for banana trees for your functions like marriage, engagement’s, meetings etc., you can contact us to order and also you can check the price of banana tree below.[Mail Now for Order]

If you want to visit the farm and buy tree yourself also allowed and rent for vehicles is extra as per the km from where you are.

Banana Tree Price in Vellore –

Quantity Price
1 Rs.300
2 Rs.550
10 Rs.2500
100 Rs.23000
1000 Rs.200000

Disclaimer:-*This price might change every day based on demand of banana tree.

We are doing business now only in vellore, tamilnadu it will be expanded all over region gradually.

FAQs on Banana Tree Price

Do you need 2 banana trees?

if you want 2 banana trees then you can check the price and contact us.

How many times banana tree gives fruit in a year?

One Banana Tree will give only one fruit in his span life.

How many days does a banana tree take to bear fruit?

There are many variety of banana in india, minimum it takes 10 months to maximum 16 months for grow banana fruits.

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