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In this generation buying Condom from offline store or online store became very easy for younsters.Buying Condom/Nirodh in Mirganj to enjoy the life secretly with your partner is easy here.Using Condom will save from Aids or any Unwanted Disease, If you are a teen then this website helps you to check the Price of Condom in Mirganj and also you can buy it from online source given below.

Condom Price in Mirganj –

Condom Price Per Piece in Mirganj Today
Condom Brand Price/Piece
Durex Rs.38
Manforce Rs.30
Kamasutra Rs.28
Playgard Rs.26
Kohinoor Rs.28
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Condoms are the only way to cover against sexually transmitted conditions (STDs), similar as HIV and herpes. As a hedge system of birth control, condoms stop sperm from reaching eggs. There are condoms for men and women, and dental heads for protection during oral coitus. For further effective birth control, you can use condoms with contraceptive froth. A condom is a thin, loose- befitting poke or jacket that protects against sexually transmitted conditions (STDs) or infections (STIs). As a hedge system of birth control (contraception), condoms help gestation by keeping semen (sperm- filled fluid) from entering the vagina and fertilizing the eggs. You can buy condoms over the counter at apothecaries, grocery stores and general wares stores. Condoms serve as walls between bodies. They help gestation by catching exclaim (semen) so sperm ca n’t enter your mate’s uterus. Condoms lower STD threat by stopping or greatly reducing people’s exchange of fleshly fluids.

Types of Condoms

There are different types of condoms. You should only use one type of condom at a time during sexual intercourse. Using further than one condom creates disunion, adding the odds of a rip or gash. Condom types include

  1. External (occasionally called manly condoms) These condoms go over the penis to collect interjection fluids.
  2. Internal (occasionally called womanish condoms) An internal condom goes inside the vagina to keep sperm from entering the uterus. A soft, flexible ring attached to the condom stays outside the vagina for easy junking. Internal condoms may not be as effective as external(manly) condoms in precluding STDs.
  3. Dental heads These thin latex or polyurethane wastes serve as a hedge between a person’s mouth and a mate’s genitals or anus during oral coitus. Dental heads reduce your threat of STDs similar as oropharyngeal mortal papillomavirus( HPV).
  4. Finger condoms occasionally called cutlet dachas, cutlet condoms are for engaging in sexual penetration with your fritters. Fingering is fairly low- threat, and ca n’t affect in gestation. While the chance of catching an STD from fingering is low, a cutlet condom can further reduce your threat for STDs.

How Condom is Made

You may hear people relate to condoms as rubbers. That’s because utmost external (manly) condoms are latex, a type of rubber. Some people have a latex mislike that causes skin rashes, itching and other problems. Do n’t use latex condoms if you or your mate has a latex mislike. rather, try Internal (womanish) condoms, which correspond of a synthetic,non-latex material called nitrile. External (manly) condoms made from polyurethane (a type of plastic). Natural skin condoms or condoms made from other natural accoutrements .(Note Natural condoms help gestation, but they ’re not recommended for the forestallment of STDs.)

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