Check Today’s Sea Fish Price in Kanpur Dehat Fish Market below with details. There will be many dealers who will be selling fish in wholesale or retail in market.We are here to Provide the Price of Fishes in Kanpur Dehat. We all Know that Eating Fish is benefit in many ways like it helps hummity power, vitamin A, improve eye sight, and also it wont have any cholesterol. If You are in Kanpur Dehat then Buy Fish by Checking the Price Today. Check 1kg Rohu Fish, Prawn, Crab, Catfish, Tuna Fish, Kind Seer Fish below in table.These prices will be maximum retail price sometimes it may increased in your area due to demand of fishes.

Today’s Fish Price in Kanpur Dehat –

Variety Quantity Max. Retail Price
Indian Salmon 1 Kg Rs. 700
Rohu 1 Kg Rs. 250
Indian Mackerel (Bangda) 1 Kg Rs. 600
Pink Perch 1 Kg Rs. 800
Hilsa 1 Kg Rs. 350
Katla 1 Kg Rs. 200
Crab 1 Kg Rs. 750
King Fish/Seer Fish 1 Kg Rs. 1100
Pomfret 1 Kg Rs. 650
Catfish 1 Kg Rs. 200
Yellow Tuna 1 Kg Rs. 450
Red Snapper 1 Kg Rs. 420
Sting Ray Fish 1 Kg Rs. 280
Prawn 1 Kg Rs. 400
Emperor Fish 1 Kg Rs. 500


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