1kg Mutton Price in Magadi

Mutton Price in Magadi: In this article you will getting price details of Mutton Price in Magadi Today also you can check Mutton Liver, Brain, Head, Legs, Kidney, Intestine Price. If you are non-veg lover who buy mutton at every weekends to taste mutton then check this website for the Today’s 1kg Mutton Price in Magadi so that you can easily go and buy at near by shop.

Mutton Price in Magadi –

Variety Quantity Max. Retail Price
Mutton 1 Kg Rs.750
Mutton Liver 1 Kg Rs.350
Mutton Brain 1 Kg Rs.450
Mutton Head 1 Kg Rs.250
Mutton Kidney 1 Kg Rs.500
Mutton Legs 1 Set (2 Legs) Rs.100
Mutton Intestine 1 Kg Rs.400
Boneless Mutton 1 Kg Rs.850


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What is the price of 1kg mutton in Magadi?


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